My Hot Take??

You Need a wedding film...

Your wedding day is a series of moments, brought together by months of planning, careful consideration and significant coordination. It ALSO a celebration of YOUR unique love story & I believe in preserving these cherished moments in the form of a highlight film featuring video and audio of the best moments of your day. All the tears of joy, laughter, dancing and even well wishes from some guests, deserve to be preserved in a way that can be heard AND seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose KB Wedding Films?

UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES shouldn't be taken lightly. I understand your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

From the nervous excitement of getting ready to heart-felt vows & crazy dance moves, I create a compelling story-driven wedding film that tells your story with style, care and intention.


No bare minimum here. I do my best to deliver films that are authentic to the memory of the day using some of the best equipment one could use in weddings. With 4K video and high quality audio, you'll be able to see and hear your vows in incredible detail

(Much better than if Uncle Tom recorded it on his iphone)


Your wedding day is going to filled with emotion. All the magic of the venue and decorations, the laughter of the wedding party, the first look with dad or your privater letter readings.... All things that can be captured on photo... But imagine your grandkids watching and listening to your vows, years from now... That's something a photo can't quite replicate.


Doing anything in life worth preserving requires commitment and PURPOSE. You can't expect anything to fall together without it. My purpose is providing you and your family with a film you value for the rest of your life. I approach each shot intentionally. After 200+ weddings, I've learned a thing or two & I feel confident that as long as we communicate, your wedding will look like an epic movie.

I've been filming weddings full time for 5+ years now. I have had the privilege of shooting all sorts of events, from all kinds of backgrounds and in different parts of the country. I love my job and I love sharing the snippets of what I do. These video stills represent just a portion of everything I love about filming weddings. -Kyle B.