My Name is Kyle and I Love filming weddings!

My very first experience with a camera of any kind was for a project I did in the 3rd grade. The requirements were to create a compelling short story film with a small narrative, using a vhs camera recorder. (Yes I'm sorta old)

My grandfather found me a cheap one at a pawn shop for $50, and I got to work. I remember falling in love with setting up certain shots and I'm happy to announce, I crushed the school project.

I've always had an interest in movies, television... More so in the behind the scenes way, the cameras and lighting, the actors... I was always in love with it.

It wasn't until my early 20's that I got my very first camera. I quickly got into photography and li most of us in this industry, I started doing portrait work and eventually small weddings. During this time I was still learning video. Mostly for real estate and taking videos of my dogs but I quickly fell in love again with the art of taking random clips and slapping them together.

Fast forward to Today & I'm years past slapping videos together, but I still enjoy filming weddings as much as I did when I started.

Learning to film weddings the way I do now took a lot of time, patience & energy. It took years of mentoring, editing, new techniques and failed techniques; to get to where I am today. The work I do relies on not just a basic understanding of your wedding day and the timeline of events, but more so an understanding of who you & your families are. If I had to single a single word to describe the way I edit and film, it's intentional. I do my best to learn more about you so that I can create a film your families will watch for years to come.

I currently live in Burleson Texas. I have two beautiful kiddos ( a son & little baby girl ) & my best buddy is my Great Dane, Onyx. When I'm not filming or editing weddings I enjoy spending time outdoors fishing from my kayak, camping, spontaneous adventures and I also enjoy just simply staying in to order a large pizza and melt into the couch with a good movie.

I am a pretty easy going - optimistic type of person. If you want to know more about me during a consultation, I am an open book!