My Name is Kyle and I Love filming weddings!

I started KB Films in 2018 with the ambition of becoming a full time luxury wedding filmmaker by 2021. I am happy to say that I accomplished that goal by 2020. I have been interested in photography since I was a kid but never really had the opportunity or finances to learn until my early 20s. Once I picked up first camera I became instantly hooked on photography and spend my free time learning everything I could. Before long, I felt myself gravitating towards the video side of things. While I was already plugged into the wedding scene with photography, I still felt like something was missing...

I decided to put my photography business down and learn about video. After learning more about the video side of cameras and getting the chance to second shoot and shadow some popular wedding videographers, I took what I learned and started filming styled shoots and smaller budget weddings. As I developed my style and committed to learning as much as I could about wedding videography in particular, I started booking more and more weddings. I became hooked & fell in love with being a part of wedding days as a videographer. Not just from the filmmaking side of things, but also from a personal perspective. Getting to see clients fall in love with my work and relive their special days is something that I cherish.

I currently live in Fort Worth Texas with my Wife Kristen, my son Michael & newborn daughter Evelynn. When I'm not filming or editing weddings I enjoy spending time in the gym, playing video games, watching movies and of course having fun with my family. I have an unhealthy obsession with pizza and I'm okay with that.

I am pretty easy going - optimistic type of person. If you want to know more about me during a consultation, I am an open book! Feel free to contact me to set up a Discovery Call and find out more about me and what I do.