Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

YES. This is a large purchase and I understand that making the full payment is BIG. I require a 15% retainer to hold your day & we can set up a customized payment plan that works for you. I only require that to total balance be taken care of at least 30 days BEFORE the ceremony date.

Do you offer a paid in full discount?

YES! (with the exception of the mini package)
Standard: $500 off
Deluxe: $600 off

To qualify for the paid in full discount, we require the invoice sent to be paid in FULL within 48 hours of receiving it.

What happens if I don't make my payment on time?

Life happens, we have been there! If you are on payments and need to alter your payment date, we are happy to accommodate that.

We still require the invoice to paid in full & completed 30 days prior to your wedding day. In some extreme cases we will consider moving it to 2 weeks.

Failure to complete payment in time will result in a cancellation of your scheduled service, and your date will be released from our schedule until payment is made in full.

Do you offer both photo & video?

Not at this time. KB Wedding Films is dedicated to capturing EPIC Cinematic footage of your wedding. While we are perfectly capable of doing wedding photography, we prefer to focus on the video side of things. We work closely with several Luxury Wedding Photographers and can definitely make some referrals.

Do you give us all the video clips you take or release RAW files?

No. We do not release RAW files under any circumstances. The files we shoot are in LOG which means they are very flat and unappealing without any color grading and editing. We only release the final representations of our work which is a VERY common industry standard. I do offer a FOMO edit, which is a documentary style edit of all the footage I did capture throughout the day, just lightly cleaned up.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Of course!
I shoot weddings all over the world! I am passport ready with gear that travels well.

How long will it take to get my videos?

For your 2 minute teaser, you can expect about 2 weeks for that to be delivered. The full video will take on average 8-12 weeks (depending on the season). In MOST cases you will get your video earlier, but we advertise 8 to 12 weeks to give us adequate time to make sure your video is PERFECT.

Do you offer a livestream?

At this moment, we are focusing on providing clientele with a high end, cinematic highlight video for their wedding day. We are working on being able to provide a live streaming solution in the future.

How will I get videos back?

I will send you a link to download your videos from my Vimeo account. Since I shoot in 4k, the files are very large and require a digital method of delivery. Occasionally we are asked to mail a USB drive with the final videos, however with todays technology and cloud services, USB drives are almost obsolete and utilizing a cloud server is the safest thing to do! If you want a USB drive with a copy of your videos, please let us know and we will mail one to you. Please allow 30 days for this! We are currently working a partnership with a company that will allow us to deliver footage in a way that is new to the industry.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds for voluntary cancellations of any kind. We are happy to discuss re-scheduling your date at no extra cost. We get anywhere from 5-10 booking inquires for each weekend of the year. When we book someone for that weekend, we are turning down other prospective clients for that date as well. This is also a very common in this industry. All sales are final.

Do you have a contract?

KB Films does require a Terms of Service and Release of Liability form to be signed prior to any official bookings or payments.

Can I request an edit if there is something I don't like?

We do encourage prospective clients to familiarize themselves with our work before proceeding with any bookings. We retain the right to stick to our "style" and to exercise our creativeness. Clients who want something a bit different than what we normally produce should ask if we can accommodate their style before we finish their final video. We do offer a free revision if you decide there is something you'd like different! Revision requests must happen within 48 hours of video album delivery.

Is there a travel fee?

I travel anywhere in the State of Texas at no additional cost. Anything outside of Texas* is an extra $250/day of shooting. This covers airfare, lodging, day of transportation and of course food!

International trips are case by case. We only book the Deluxe package for any work out of the USA, and we will provide you with a customized quote for the travel fee.

Can I ask for a particular shot during my wedding day?

Yep! We love input. If you have something particular you want in your video, please let us know!

Do you offer full cuts of the ceremony, or the vows?

A ceremonial cut and footage of the toasts or vows are included in every package we offer!

How long will the video be?

The final wedding video will be anywhere from 5-7 minutes. We also offer a 1 minute trailer for most films. On occasion if we feel like there was not enough content to produce a teaser without replicating footage in the final video, then we will exercise our right NOT to include a a Teaser Video, which is a FREE extra service we offer.

Do you offer Extra Clips upon request?

If you have a particular shot you want, we ask that you communicate that before the day of the wedding! We are very specific about what we shoot. We only shoot 2-3 second clips. So if you're wanting something particular and you don't tell us before hand, chances are we won't have the longer shot you want if you wait until after your wedding day.

Will drone footage be included in my video?

Yes! Drone footage is included in every package. The only limitations are the weather or if your venue is located on or near a Military Base. There is no way to fly inside restricted airspace without SERIOUS consequences. Drone footage is included in each package, but if for any reason we are unable to fly at your venue, we do not offer a discount or refund for the services.

More Questions? No problem! Contact us now to get more info.